Mileage report

How to make a mileage claim?

Making a kilometre bill is often a headache, a time-consuming constraint that is pointless to do. Except that, if you want to be reimbursed for your mileage expenses, the accounting department will ask for detailed proof of all the kilometres travelled. So you have to find a solution to make this expense report quickly and efficiently.

The good old excel file is very useful in these cases, it is easy to enter the data in the boxes, day by day, to create your own model of mileage expense report, and excel does all the calculations for you, and that’s it! There are many models of mileage expense reports. Here is one of the simplest that meets the demand.

note de frais kilometrique

Once the file is completed, it can be sent for reimbursement.

Do you know this?

Mileage records must be kept for 3 years in case the tax authorities raid the company’s accounts. So keeping mileage records in Excel is an excellent idea as the files are not large and can be stored on hard drives without any problem. In the event of a tax audit, you will also be asked to provide the diaries to check that the journeys are real and professional. It is very easy to artificially “enrich” one’s excel file with trips not made. And if that is not enough, you will also be asked for the vehicle’s maintenance invoices to check the mileage.

How to enter all data?

The real problem with mileage claims is not having the right model but having the right data. When there are few trips, this is not a constraint, but when there are many trips over a period of a month, the data to be entered becomes too important to do it manually. Copy and paste is available, but there are limits to the exercise. And it is not just a matter of entering the exact city or address, the mileage report must indicate the number of kilometres travelled because this is the basis on which the reimbursement will be made.

This means that there is a lot of data to be entered in this file, and therefore a lot of time to spend collecting it and entering it into the Excel file.

And if mileage report is automated?

In fact, the ideal would be to have nothing to do, no more time to spend for his mileage bill, it arrives ready-made with all the data in it, it will still remain to send it to the accounting to be reimbursed.

BINGO, the dream exists and it’s called Feez.

Feez is an application that allows you to reduce the burden of having to justify your travels. Simply keep the application open on your mobile and it automatically records all your journeys with the exact addresses and the number of kilometres travelled for each trip. Feez is an intelligent application in that it detects departures and stops and the number of kilometres travelled, and calculates all the kilometres. There is nothing more to do with the data as it is automatically recorded.

My mileage report by email

All mileage data is recorded by the application. All that remains is to program the sending of the mileage report in your email box each week or each month and that’s it. Mileage reports are no longer a constraint, they even become rather amusing and there are no more forgotten journeys, the accounting is perfect!