Mobile app for mileage tracker with excel report

Feez is an iPhone application which allows to record your kilometers traveled without seizing the data
and to receive a filled Excel file. A saving of time for expense reports and accounting.

Application frais kilometrique

Automatic recording

iphone feez frais ik128

Pre-filled Excel file

fichier excel rempli

Accounting compliant

cochez la case

Thanks to your smartphone and once the application Feez launched, the routes are automatically registered, the application recognizes your departures and stops.

Automatically receive all your excel file journeys, you do not have to enter any data manually, and Feez sends you by email all data on excel file at the frequency you choose.

In front of the tax authorities, you are now able to provide proper proof of your business travel. Just clic and send the reports. More serenity for you everything is ok.