Feez ProX


All your trips on excel file

Feez ProX is particularly suitable in the professional context where proof of mileage is required for travel (e.g. reimbursement of kilometers). The tax authorities can ask companies to provide them all receipts for the reimbursement of travel expenses. Kilometers allowances (KA) are based on a tax scale published each year, which serves as a basis for the reimbursement of kilometric expenses.

In this context, Feez ProX is very useful because it allows you to automatically receive the mileage certificate in your email box each month or each week in excel format. The user can send the report from the app when needed. To export reports, Apple Mail application must be used.


The advantages of Feez ProX

  • Setting the duration of stops
  • Removal of trips recorded
  • Multi-account trip management
  • Sending trips on excel on request
  • Merging trips
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