What is Feez app

Automatic trip registration

Feez is an iphone application that is easy to forget, once launched and in the background.

Feez detects movement and starts by recording the date, time and address of your departure route. It then counts the kilometres of your journey. Once the journey is complete, Feez knows this and records your arrival address with the date and time. All this data will then appear in your Feez dashboard.

compteur kilometre

What is Feez app?

Feez is an iphone® mobile application that automatically calculates the kilometres travelled by car, motorbike or scooter. The Feez app automatically detects when the journey starts in the car and when the journey stops, without touching anything on the app. It then displays the date and time of the trip with the number of kilometres travelled and the exact addresses of the start and finish of the trips. There is no manual input!

Who is it for?

Feez is aimed at the travelling public, sales representatives, company directors, and anyone who needs to keep a record of the kilometres travelled as part of their business, associative or even personal journeys. Generally speaking, it is very useful for all situations where you need to produce a proof of travel with the number of kilometres travelled.

This is particularly the case for the reimbursement of expenses (KA or Kilometre Allowances), expense reports on excel in which the number of kilometers travelled is specified for each trip.

Advantages of the Feez application

Feez is an iphone application that simplifies life because it calculates the mileage for you, there is no more data entry. The process of going to a website as maps, indicating your departure and arrival points to find out how many kilometers you’ve covered … it’s over!

The saving of time is considerable when it comes to making receipts and mileage expense reports. They are sent automatically on a pre-filled excel file directly by email at the desired frequency.