Automatic mileage recording system

Feez is an iphone application that is easily forgotten, once launched and in the background
it detects the movements and starts by recording the date, time and address of your departure trip, then it counts the kilometers of your trip. Once the trip is over, Feez knows it and records your arrival address with the date and time. All of these data will then appear in your Feez dashboard.

What is Feez ?

Feez is an iphone® mobile application that automatically calculates the kilometers traveled by car or motorbike, or by scooter. The Feez app automatically detects when the trip starts and when the trip stops, without touching any button of the application. It then displays the date and time of the trip with the number of kilometers traveled and the precise addresses of the departures and arrivals of the journeys. There is no seizure!

Who is it for ?

Feez is aimed at homeless people, salespeople, business leaders, anyone who needs to count the kilometers as part of their travel, whether in a professional or associative or even personal. In general it is very useful for all situations where you need to produce a proof of displacement with the number of kilometers made.

This is particularly the case for the reimbursement of expenses (IK or Kilometric Allowances), expense reports excel in which we specify for each trip the number of kilometers made.

Benefits of the Feez app

Feez is an iphone application that simplifies life because it calculates the kilometers for you, there is more to enter data. The process of going to a website as maps, indicating its point of departure and arrival to know the number of kilometers traveled … it’s over!

The saving of time is considerable to make justifying and expenses notes kilometric, they are sent automatically on excel file pre filled directly by email at the desired frequency.


Users talk about it

I travel every day for work and Feez has made it easy for me. I receive every month my excel file with my travels and the total of my kilometers traveled. To make my note of expenses it became fun and especially less headache than before. - Matthieu
What I found original with Feez is that everything is done automatically. With an old application I had to click a button when I started and click again when I stopped, and I thought once in 2 and still I’m wide! With Feez no need to think about it is the app that does it for me. Thank you
- Thomas