Trips registration and management of kilometers traveled

Save your kilometers automatically without any input, and manage all its data via the excel file sent periodically, here is what offers this iphone application. It can be very useful in some cases, it is essential in others, especially for freelancers or managers of companies who need proof of business trips for their mileage charges in front of the tax authorities.


Features of the iphone application Feez


Automatic trigger

The app launches a new ride when the car starts. She also spots stops.

Full data

Registration of dates, times, complete addresses of departure and arrival, kilometers traveled.

Reports on excel

All data is emailed to excel files every day, every week or every month.

Function where am I

The button where am I can display the precise address of the position in real time.

Stops settings

The duration of the downtime can be modified to be in adequacy with your activity.


The Feez app counts kilometers on all roads in France and around the world.

Deleting trips

Deleting trips is possible directly in the application on the main page.

Find my car

Finding your car becomes easy with Feez thanks to the exact address of the registered stop.

Miles / Kms

The iphone application Feez counts the kilometers or miles and adapts to your requirements.

Excel excel file of recorded trips

The Feez app records your trips by recording a number of data including: trip date, start time and end time, departure and arrival address, zip code and city of travel, number of kilometers traveled and total kilometers over the period.

These data are stored on our servers on your email account declared at the installation of the application. Depending on your configuration, the server delivers each day or each week or even each month your excel files containing all of these data for the period concerned. These files are emailed automatically.

This file can then be used as you wish to complete it if necessary, delete or add records if necessary. The document then belongs to you, you own your data, you can also produce this document in front of the tax administration in case of control.


Users talk about it

I travel every day for work and Feez has made it easy for me. I receive every month my excel file with my travels and the total of my kilometers traveled. To make my note of expenses it became fun and especially less headache than before. - Matthieu
What I found original with Feez is that everything is done automatically. With an old application I had to click a button when I started and click again when I stopped, and I thought once in 2 and still I’m wide! With Feez no need to think about it is the app that does it for me. Thank you
- Thomas